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On Planet Electa, many are born into slavery. Amyex is one of them. Unlike some, she loves her Master and would do anything to please him.

But he has fought the council to get her freedom back, something so few people in slavery ever achieve.

Amyex should be grateful for this gift, but the love she feels for her Master beats as strong as every pulse in her aching body. She needs him, wants him, and can't imagine a life of freedom alone.

Will her new status keep Amyex from having the one thing she truly wants?

Fierre is struggling in her new life as a servant on Planet Electa. Since the death of her abusive first master she has been serving Master Thomas, a man who shows her every kindness in the world.

A silly mistake makes her run away from the only man who’s ever cared for her, and then an unexpected night of lovemaking leaves her with a choice to make.

Should she forget her kind Master and move away forever, or reach inside herself for the strength she knows is there and fight for the life she never dreamed was possible.

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